More Works


Here you will find a brief summary of other clients I have worked for.

Special K


A special billboard in which the poster stands out emphasizing the Special K concept: "lose what is exceeded".



In order to present to the public the Third Ferrol Awards to the creative initiatives, our communication was based in creating an innovative and necessary product for one of the rainiest cities in Spain. A waterproof jacket which a city map printed on it, so no map was unnecessary sloppy.



The request of the client was to develop a book which powered the knowledge of Colombian artists. In order to do this and also to have big media noise, we developed a bullet perforated book in order to show Colombia has a lot of art to offer beyond the lack of law stereotypes.

Agua 22


The big difference about Agua 22 vs. competitors is that this is a premium water springs up  with it’s source 500 meters underground.


Based on this concept, we developed a web page where you have to browse coming down from the sky to the fountain where water was flowing.


In addition we created a direct marketing proposal where a total innovative perfume was sent to our most exclusive clients, a perfume made from the smell of wet soil, the same smell our water has when is flowing.